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Good communications are at the heart of every successful organisation. We have the experience and know-how to identify and bring your story to life to the audience that matters to you. With the increasing use of AI, the human touch has never been so important. We can provide you with an authentic voice that will resonate with the media. For a personalised service 24/7, we would love to hear from you on how we can help.

Whether it’s generating positive media coverage or managing challenging and sensitive reputational matters, we have the experience and expertise to find a solution to any challenge presented to us.

Established by Director Michael Tait, we have a track record of more than 25 years in media and public relations and an established network of contacts across all media platforms in the UK.

He is a former print journalist who has worked across Daily and Sunday Newsrooms and had various senior PR roles in the private and public sector, including working for a political leader. Michael is also a respected freelance political commentator on TV and radio.

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What your organisation says in public can have a lasting impact on your success, and with a hungry media looking for news 24/7, how do you navigate through the background noise?

How do you get your key messages and good news stories heard in such a crowded marketplace and target the right audience?

And, when faced with a reputational risk, how prepared are you to address the issue? We can provide the support and counsel to meet all these challenges head on.

We offer a range of bespoke services:

  • Senior media counsel
  • Crisis & Reputation Management
  • Day-to-day press office support
  • Media training
  • Pro-active media engagement
  • Copywriting
  • Insight and thought leadership
  • Message development

Media Training

Our team of trusted PR and reputation experts are experienced in coaching senior executives in both the public and private sectors, including Police Scotland, the COPFS and Scottish Swimming. The training we provide focuses on developing well-rounded communications skills that project positive messages, mitigate risks, and encourage productive media relationships for print, online and broadcast.


It is imperative that an organisation speaks with one voice. The purpose of our sessions is to provide the tools and techniques to ensure your key messaging resonates with your target audience and to deal with challenging media and public situations.


We provide clients with the opportunity to train in a near to real-life environment using a professional camera operator to create bespoke simulations to prepare them for TV and radio scenarios, such as one-to-one interviews, press conferences and ‘doorstep’ situations.

Our taster sessions provide techniques to build well rounded communications skills to use in the long-term and instil the confidence to handle a range of different scenarios and ensure that messages are effectively delivered to a range of media platforms.

Our training focuses on how to strike the right tone, display the correct body language, and deliver answers that are engaging and insightful when faced with a challenging, and sometimes hostile audience.

We provide a range of courses depending on your needs and budget. Get in touch, we would love to hear how we can help you.

Crisis Management

When faced with a sudden reputational risk, how prepared are you to resolve the issue? What you need is a safe pair of hands available 24/7 to handle sensitive and challenging matters in a calm and rational manner.

We have trusted relationships at senior level within the media and we provide strategic counsel on the best way to deal with crisis issues involving your organisation that pose a risk.


In our fast-paced world if you don’t grab someone’s attention within the first few seconds, you often lose your audience. We are experts at writing eye-catching headlines and engaging intros that will grab the attention of the media. Whether it’s a media release, opinion piece, corporate report or award entry we are experts at finding the right words and getting them in the correct order to produce engaging copy that will give you an authentic voice.

Political engagement

With experience of operating in Holyrood and working for a political leader, we have a unique understanding of how politicians think and operate. This is vital in formulating engagement programmes and key messaging that will resonate with politicians, both in government and in opposition.

We are comfortable working closely with politicians of all levels, and our approach is to get under the skin of stakeholders by analysing and identifying what they stand for and the triggers that influence their thinking.

There must be a clear approach in delivering what benefits and opportunities there are for them to get them on board. Key to this is bringing them into the tent by showing openness and the benefits of a proposal or project.

While the health pandemic led to a massive shift in culture in the way we communicate with video calls now part of the daily norm, our view is that face-to-face engagement is more effective, where possible.

We offer a range of bespoke services:

  • Political engagement
  • Policy & Insight
  • Strategic political counsel
  • Committee training

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